Uriel and I spent New Years Eve at Eataly Chicago, stuffing all types of Italian food down our throats for three hours. It was one of the best New Years I’ve had recently! Since we typically spend New Years at home with family, I thought it was a great opportunity to dress up. With being short on time and on a budget (moving sucks), I set my sights on Forever 21 and was not disappointed!

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    As another year comes to a close, I find myself doing some serious reflecting. I really do believe it’s important to take a look back on how far you’ve come, how much progress you’ve made as a person and even see how much you’ve held yourself back and what you can do to grow even more in the oncoming year.

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    February was more of a tame month for me and while some people would hate that, I welcomed that. I welcomed it SO MUCH. Between the months of August-December, it just so happens that it’s everybody’ birthdays (ours included) and anniversaries and weddings and then there’s holidays and it’s just a hectic time for 5 months in a row. This time around, we added another month of hectic into the mix with a lot of traveling in January. So this month, I absolutely savored every free moment I had.

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    The family I work for jetted off to the Philippines for three weeks so that left me with a lot of free time. Since Uriel graduated from college back in December, we decided that this would be a perfect time to take a trip. So we chose to head over to Colorado. Uriel actually has a lot of family there so it was really awesome to finally get to meet them and for Uriel to see them again after a couple of years. Not only that, but I’m absolutely mountain- obsessed (when you’re born and raised in the Midwest, it happens) and I couldn’t wait to be surrounded by them.

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    After an incredibly long and uneventful 17 hours, Uriel and I finally made it to Colorado around 1PM yesterday. Today’s adventure includes my first time snowboarding ever 😁 wish me luck! 


    A couple weekends ago, my sister and I found ourselves down in the city for yet another craft fair. I’d say I’m becoming quite the avid craft fair attendee! I mean.. I’ve only been to 2 so far, really, but I’m more than willing to go to many, many more!

    This particular weekend, we decided to make the trek a lot earlier than usual to have breakfast at a diner in West Town called Uncle Mike’s Place. But this wasn’t any plain ol’ breakfast. This was Filipino breakfast. What’s that, you ask?

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