hey yall


it’s been.. literally a year since i’ve last updated. a lot has changed. i’ve moved out and moved in with my boyfriend. i left my job. started a new one. left that job. went back to my old one. i’m trying to take youtube and makeup more seriously, but my 40 hour work week and hour commute has been making it difficult. there’s been a lot ups and downs. a lot of trials and tribulations for uriel and i in our relationship. it’s been a little rough lately. i’m definitely not where i thought i would be or where i want to be in life. i guess i haven’t really been my happiest recently and i’ve fallen behind on a lot of my goals. i haven’t really felt like …me recently and thats why i’ve kind of taken a step back. progress-wise, it hurts, but i just haven’t felt good about myself.


i’m still trying to persist. i do believe i can be where i want to be. and i’ll get there soon.

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