In this vlog, we go island hopping, enjoy our last sunset in Boracay, and then jet off back to Manila! By the way, there’s a special random clip at the end that I totally forgot existed. Hope you guys enjoy ❤️ please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and thumbs up the vlog!

UPDATE: I finally have my website up and running. It’s not quite how I want it yet, there’s a lot I have to fix, but I’m happy it’s finally up! For past couple of months, I’ve definitely been stuck in a rut. I was having a lot of trouble with figuring out my website and because of that, I kind of stepped back for a while. I’ve also been really busy as the end of the year is always super hectic for Uriel and I. It’s literally one thing after another!  I am considering doing vlogmas, but I’m not so sure as my day to day isn’t quite exciting 😁 but since my site is up, I’m going to do my best to be a lot better with posting! Also, I have made a separate YouTube channel for beauty-related videos and will be uploading to that channel soon, so stay tuned ☺️

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