A couple weekends ago, my sister and I found ourselves down in the city for yet another craft fair. I’d say I’m becoming quite the avid craft fair attendee! I mean.. I’ve only been to 2 so far, really, but I’m more than willing to go to many, many more!

This particular weekend, we decided to make the trek a lot earlier than usual to have breakfast at a diner in West Town called Uncle Mike’s Place. But this wasn’t any plain ol’ breakfast. This was Filipino breakfast. What’s that, you ask?

I opted for the skirt steak and longanisa breakfast with a side of fried spam while my sister ordered the tocino and banggus  breakfast. Longanisa actually originated from Spain where it’s more of a chorizo. In the Philippines, however, it’s typically more of a sweet sausage, although it varies by region, and made with ground pork. Tocino is actually bacon in Spanish and it’s usually made from pork belly, at least in the Philippines, I believe, but here at Uncle Mike’s, it’s made from pork shoulder. And bangus is a fried or grilled milkfish. Every breakfast comes with a bowl of fresh lugao to start which is just a simple and light soup of pieces of chicken and rice. It’s actually my favourite soup and has been since I was a child. Also with each breakfast is a side of garlic rice which is THE BEST, just in case you were wondering, and your choice of egg.

Let me just say, these plates were GINORMOUS, if you couldn’t tell by the overwhelmingly crowded table, but that just meant more food, so I can’t say I was ever complaining lol. Neither of us finished our food and I actually felt quite accomplished even making a dent in the whole thing.

Despite what I personally feel is a huge community of Filipinos in the Chicago area, when it comes to restaurants, there’s unfortunately few and far between. So far. So anytime I hear about a Filipino place I haven’t heard of before, I need to try it, asap. I’m so glad I checked out Uncle Mike’s and I would definitely recommend!

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